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LC Target Meets

Throughout the Long Course and Short Course seasons, there are numerous competitions hosted by Swimming WA and also by individual swimming clubs that swimmers can enter.

Due to the large number of swim meets held each year, the Head Coach and Performance Coach will choose a number of meets during the LC and SC season for the Club and its members to ‘Target’ together as a team.


The target meets are always carefully selected to ensure a number of racing opportunities are provided to swimmers of all ages and abilities and swimmers are highly encouraged to attend in whatever capacity possible (half-day, one day or two days, etc.)


Parents of junior swimmers should discuss each competition with their Coach before they submit their entries (especially if you are new to competitive swimming) so the Coach can advise on suitable events for the swimmer’s age and skill level.


If you would like to enter alternative or additional meets, please ensure you discuss this with your coach in advance. Entering lots of meets can cause fatigue and be counterproductive.

  • The events highlighted in yellow are Target Meets for swimmers interested in racing in the Swimming WA Open Water Series. Swimmers aiming to qualify for the Australian Open Water Championships in January are encouraged to enter as many 5km+ open water events as possible in October and November. For more information on the Open Water Series (which includes 11 rounds plus bonus events), please visit the website Please note that swimmers under the age of 11 years will require a chaperone for all open water events.

  • There are two Target Meets scheduled for Sunday 26th November. Swimmers who are relatively new to racing and do not have an ‘AA’ qualifying time are encouraged to enter the Bunbury Splash & Dash Carnival which will be a fun event aimed at swimmers aged 6 – 11 years.

  • Country Pennants will be held in Mandurah on the 3rd and 4th March 2018. A team will be selected to represent the Club based on times achieved up to and including Country Championships held in Perth from 6th to 8th January 2018.

  • To compete in the Club’s annual Club Championships on Sunday 25th March, swimmers must have participated in a minimum of 4 time trials events previously in the current season.

  • Coaches will attend all Target Meets depending on numbers.

  • Qualifying times for meets will be posted here, on the Club’s pool deck noticeboard, Swimming WA website and in the Swimming WA Summer Season Almanac

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