Target Meets

Throughout the Long Course and Short Course seasons, there are numerous competitions hosted by Swimming WA and also by individual swimming clubs that swimmers can enter.

Due to the large number of swim meets held each year, the Head Coach will choose meets during the year for the Club to target together as a team, these are listed below. These meets are carefully selected to ensure a number of racing opportunities are provided to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

We have moved some of the time trial events into the short course season to take pressure off the much busier long course season. In selecting these dates we have tried to avoid public holidays and school holidays and any other known events at the time. Although these dates have been carefully selected they are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated with members.


All swimmers are encouraged to attend in whatever capacity possible (half-day, one day or two days, etc.) as at least one Coach will attend and provide valuable feedback specific to that competition.

Parents of junior swimmers should discuss each competition with their Coach before they submit their entries, so they are racing in appropriate events for their age and skill level.

​If you would like to enter alternative or additional meets, please ensure you discuss this with your coach in advance. Entering lots of meets can cause fatigue and be counterproductive.