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Time Trials

All swimmers are encouraged to take part in the Time Trial nights as they focus on both fun and competition. They are a fantastic opportunity for new swimmers to get the feel of competition in a very relaxed and non-threatening environment, to improve their times and to try new events.

Time Trial nights are scheduled throughout the Long Course (summer) season, with a couple scheduled towards the end of the Short Course (winter) season. The dates are published in our e-newsletter and on the website.

Club points are based on participation and improvement, awarded for all non-handicapped swims and based on each swimmer’s personal best times. Therefore, the emphasis is heavily on individual improvement rather than competition. These points accumulate over the season and trophies for the Club points winners are given at the end of year Presentation Night. The Club By-Laws contain all information regarding Time Trials.


Entries for Time Trials are submitted online via Swim Central no later than the advertised meet closure time. If for any reason, you need to scratch from an event or Time Trial, please email our Chief Recorder, prior to the commencement of the meet. Please note that there is a 5-point deduction for swimmers scratching the evening or events without prior notification.


Parental assistance is necessary for the successful running of Time Trials and every swimmer must have at least one parent attend for timekeeping duties. It allows the evening to run smoothly and efficiently and no experience is necessary. It is also a great opportunity to get to know other Club members.

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