Our number one priority at Bunbury Swimming Club is the encouragement of swimming for all. We facilitate learning for the competitor and the casual swimmer and encourage swimming as a life-long activity.


Each member is just as important to our club as any other. A major priority in all of our squads is that our swimmers enjoy themselves and the sport of swimming.


Development squads are designed to introduce a swimmer and their family to the world of swimming, training and competition. Each squad introduces new levels of challenges to encourage your child to become a stronger more confident person in and out of the water.



This squad is designed to educate swimmers of the fundamentals of swimming in a squad, introducing discipline and lane etiquette whilst providing a foundation of swimming with appropriate technique. All this whilst placing an emphasis on having fun, a perfect starting point for the next generation of swim stars!


This squad takes what swimmers have learned in Navigators, and builds strength into their strokes. This is achieved through placing emphasis on building cardiovascular fitness and introducing flexibility and core strength exercises through our dryland program. This squad is for swimmers that have been introduced to local and / or regional competition and would like to continue their development in the sport.



Turbines is the final stage of our development squads. Their technique and fitness should be strong enough that they can begin to work on building speed through their training, incorporating race skills and competition preparation. A Turbines swimmer will be aiming for state level competition whilst competing at local and regional competitions.


The Performance squad strand encourages swimmers who have made a choice to compete in swimming to focus more on training and becoming stronger in their racing.

Junior Performance Squad

Swimmers in this squad have established a foundation of technique, strength, endurance, and speed across all strokes by a combination of swimming and dry land training. They continue to hone their racing skills and competition preparation whilst building intensity into their training sessions. Swimmers will be challenged to discover more about themselves and their ability to tackle challenges and learn from them. Swimmers in this squad will be racing at a combination of local, regional and state level competition.

Senior Performance Squad

By this stage, swimmers have made a decision that they would like to pursue goals of national qualification and race interstate and international competitions. This squad is aimed at building upon strength, speed, endurance, racing skills and tactics whether it be in the Open Water or Pool swimming. Swimmers in this squad should have strong discipline and be goal driven to achieve what they want from the sport. This squad trains a combination of morning and afternoon training sessions spread across the gym, pool, running track, and beach. The training is intense, however swimmers are prepared appropriately for the challenges and actively learn from them.

Fitness Squads

Our Fitness strand caters towards two very different types of individual. We aim to provide programs for everyone so that they can continue to enjoy their swimming with a squad if they choose not to compete seriously. Whether you are managing studies at school, university, or working crazy hours at work, you can find a place in these groups.

Form and Fitness

This squad is designed as a perfect balance between the swimmer who would like to participate in swimming to keep fit with friends, and the swimmer who would like to improve their technique across all strokes to become faster. Form and Fitness is responsible for building the machine that will allow you to pursue fitness goals in the future by prioritising technique in a fun, social environment. There’s no competitive commitment required, however, be prepared to work for a full 60 minutes.

Focused Fitness

This squad is for the swimmer who has a goal. They may not have lofty aspirations of national level competition, but they would like to train with some intensity and with a group of like-minded people towards a certain event. When training in this group you will be met with time cycles and sets to challenge you and set you on your way to achieving your fitness goals all the while maintaining a focus on preserving and improving stroke technique and efficiency. Whether you are training to swim across a channel, swim around a jetty, swim around cans in the ocean, or swim the first leg of a triathlon, but you hate the thought of swimming by yourself, then this squad is perfect for you.

Squads run over the Summer (Long Course) and Winter (Short Course) seasons and all sessions are held at the South West Sports Centre, Hay Park, Bunbury. Check out the squad training schedules. Updates and changes to Squad times and locations are communicated via the BSC Newsletter or directly via email.